Monday, December 27, 2010

Quicky Lamp Re-do

We're having a blizzard here in the Northeast! Lots of wind-blown snow but not too much accumulation, yet!. We'll see when it's over how much we end up with. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. It was our grandson's first Christmas. He is eleven months old and although he has not an inkling as to what Christmas is all about, he loved the bright lights, paper and people surrounding him with love and attention.

If you read through the home decor blogs, you'll see spray paint is king. Just head over to Home Depot, Lowes, True Value or where ever and check out the spray paint aisle. I really had no idea until I took a peek, bought some and tried it. There's just so many finishes, textures, colors, and possibilities. Lamps are a great place to begin. Lamps are available in every second hand shop for little $$. A little paint and a bright new shade and you've got yourself a nifty new lamp to match your decor.

After shopping my house and moving a lamp from the family room into living room, I needed to fill the void left behind. Of course, my first stop was Goodwill and there she was all Plain Jane!

As, I liberated her from continued despair, I knew she would be transformed with just a spray of my good friend, Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint!

Just the right size and shape for the spot I needed to fill!

I was poking around on Craigslist the other day and came upon a coffee table. I knew I didn't need a coffee table but I was attracted to the clean lines of this one. I called to check it out and grabbed it for five bucks. I was pretty sure I could do something fun and resell it.
Check back and see what I did. I like it so much I'm keeping it to replace my existing coffee table. I just have to get to the fabric store for a finishing touch!


  1. The lamp looks great and I can't wait to see what you do with the coffee table.

  2. The lamp redo looks GREAT!!

    You have and I a similar decorating style...I don't like alot of clutter, but still like things to feel warm.

    I'm becoming a follower...can't wait to see what else you you do! :)